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        Company Profile

        Sinopharm Holding (China) Finance Leasing co., Ltd

        In 2015, the company became a council member of CLBA

        In 2015, the company won the honor of Chinese Financial Leasing Outstanding Contributor

        In 2016, the company became a Vice president unit of the Leasing Industry Association

        In 2016, the company won the title of China Financial Leasing “Rising Star”

        In 2017, the China Foreign Investment Enterprise Association Leasing Industry Working Committee was awarded the 2017 China Financial Leasing Achievement Award.

        In 2017, won the title of Caring Enterprise of Shanghai Leasing Industry Association

        In 2017, won the China Financial Leasing Achievement Award

        In 2017, won the Outstanding Enterprise Award of Shanghai Leasing Industry Association

        In 2017, won the Executive Director Unit of China Financial Leasing (West Lake) Forum.

        In December 2014, Sinopharm Holding (China) Finance Leasing Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Sinopharm Leasing”) was established in Shanghai Free Trade Zone by Sinopharm Holding Co., Ltd., (hereinafter referred to as “Sinopharm Holding”), the core enterprise of China National Pharmaceutical Group and the leading pharmaceutical business in China; in December 2017, through the introduction of China's state-owned capital venture capital fund, investors of PAG Investment Group, Morgan Stanley, China Huarong Assets Management Co., Ltd., Ideal International Group, Green Pine Capital and other investors, the registered capital of the Sinopharm Leasing reached 2.5 billion yuan. Sinopharm Leasing is a subsidiary of Sinopharm Holding Group, which specializes in financial leasing and factoring and marks a key component of Sinopharm's financial business segment. The company is headquartered in Shanghai and sets offices in Beijing and Shenzhen and other cities.

        In addition to the core business unit - financial leasing, Sinopharm Holding Finance Leasing also engaged in commercial factoring and investment. We not only help customers address the financing problems encountered in the course of development, but also actively provide customers with comprehensive financial services including investment advisory, financial consulting, management consulting, PPP and asset management.

        Sinopharm Holding Finance Leasing draws a grand blueprint in the healthcare industry while focusing on improving people's wellbeing. Our business covers the manufacturing, distribution, retail and medical terminals throughout the medical and health industry chain. We are working on expanding our business to public utilities, education, tourism, transportation, logistics and cultural industries.

        As a newly emerging force in the financial leasing industry, we have achieved remarkable operating performance, in terms of revenue, doubled total profit and total assets, and so far our total assets has exceeded 10 billion yuan. The company has developed an efficient management system and sound organizational structure composed of five business segments and ten functional departments with clearly defined business scope and well-established management functions.

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