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        Finance Lease Project Manager (Health Care)

        Job Responsibilities:

        1. Establish business channels, look for business opportunities, promote the company's products and maintain customer relations in the designated region;

        2. Focus on the market, competitors and industry information, and timely adjust marketing strategy in your region;

        3. Achieve sales targets, including revenue, gross profit, expenses and other financial targets;

        4. Responsible for business development, customer investigation, internal approval process, lending and post-lending management;

        5. Responsible for the development of key customers (including government customers), and the maintenance and management of the customer relations;

        6. Responsible for the innovation, design and implementation of new products in finance lease business.

        Finance Lease Project Manager (Public Facilities)

        Job Responsibilities:

        1. Responsible for regional public sector market (city water and electricity supply, sewage treatment, etc.) development, channel building, project development, and providing customers with a full range of finance solutions;

        2. Responsible for building and maintaining customer relations with regional manufacturers, agents, integrators, and customers as well as channel integration and regional management;

        3. Responsible for regional project introducing, audits, program quotation, credit audits and assessment and asset management;

        4. Responsible for project approval, asset audit, project application, contract signing, and lending process management;

        5. Responsible for collecting market and industry information as well as the design and implementation of financial product structure;

        6. Achieve company's turnover, profits, expenses and other sales targets.

        Asset Management Manager

        Job Responsibilities:

        1. Asset event process management: responsible for the safe recovery of leased assets; classifying assets and confirming the level of customer risk according to the asset management specifications; providing reports on a variety of asset condition in your region or industry;

        2. Asset management system optimization: complete asset routine process management, perform analysis on the overall condition of assets in your industry, implement regular customer inspection and monitor customer's operation conditions according to the requirement for the distribution of asset management functions;

        3. Asset management process optimization: constantly optimize and improve asset management processes and tools;

        4. Risky assets monitoring and control: focus on risky assets monitoring, handling the project being given early warning and in a dangerous state and collect the special rental of projects abnormally overdue according to asset management specifications; develop handling plans and handle projects in a dangerous state;

        5. Asset oriented training and counseling: provide relevant staff with professional asset oriented counseling and training according to the requirement for the function promotion of the company's staff;

        6. Able to travel frequently.

        Credit Audit Manager

        Job Responsibilities:

        1. Responsible for project risk control, review report preparation, reporting to the company's approval and decision-making committee and implementing the issues deliberated;

        2. Participating in on-site project investigation and the concrete organization and implementation of comprehensive and special inspection on the company's risky businesses;

        3. Responsible for research and analysis on the problem found during project audit, putting forward suggestions and measures; participating in project management, monitoring and analyzing project operation management and timely putting forward suggestions on risk control;

        4. Responsible for monitoring change to the credit rating of lessees during the project operation, and providing timely risk warning; submitting regular reports on overall risk analysis to the superior;

        5. Responsible for the filing and management of project risk control documents.

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