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        • Healthcare

        • Pharmacy

        • Public Utility

        • Education&Tourism

        • Transport Logistics

        • Infrastructure Construction


        Healthcare, as the core strategic business, Sinopharm Holding Leasing extensively serves all kinds of large-scale public hospital, privately-operated health care enterprises, grass-root medical institutions and upstream-downstream customers of our syndicate.  Possessing the increasingly comprehensive knowledge on medical system in China and overall understanding towards shareholder business and financial materials,  we focus on developing finance lease of medical institutions, and are devoted to offering financial consulting services on equipment leasing, leaseback, vendor finance, joint leasing and factoring to all customers in health care industry.


        Rooted in Chinese medicine, Sinopharm Holding Leasing is devoted to offering comprehensive financing services to medical industry including financing for equipment manufacture and to satisfying demands for circulating funds.

        Public Utility

        With the society's increasing attention towards public services and facilities, Sinopharm Holding Leasing concentrates on the new revolution in public utility industry. With profound understanding towards basic laws of industrial upgrading, supported by financing leasing, Sinopharm Holding Leasing focuses on developing public utilities including water-related affairs, fuel gas, healing power, environmental protection and public transportation. By offering financial services including equipment purchase financing and circulating funds increasing, Sinopharm Holding Leasing makes every effort to push the public utility industry forward.


        Based on profound understanding towards leasing, industry and materials, Sinopharm Holding Leasing spread risk and well distribute resources by diversifying qualified customers. Sinopharm Holding Leasing focuses on developing study tour and is devoted to providing industrial comprehensive operating services including equipment-purchasing financing, infrastructure construction financing and circulating funds to all educational, scientific, cultural and touring institutions.

        Transport Logistics

        Taking full advantage abundant resources and outstanding integrating capacity, Sinopharm Holding Leasing initiates a compound-industrial comprehensive operating platform for financing, industrial operation, investment and consulting, which provides a strong capital support and typical financing scheme for logistics and transportation enterprises in China as well as upstream-downstream industries.

        Infrastructure Construction

        Infrastructure construction of Sinopharm Holding Leasing involves transportation and urban infrastructure construction. Aiming to satisfy all customers' demands, Sinopharm Holding Leasing insists on offering innovative multiple services including financing for infrastructure, PPP Project of public equipment, making contributions to the overall development of infrastructure construction in China.

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